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Hear Her

The CDC’s Hear Her campaign features compelling stories from women about their experiences during or after pregnancy. They share how pregnancy-related complications or conditions have affected them and how they got help.

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Valencia struggled with headaches and dizziness during a difficult first pregnancy. When she reported worsening symptoms, she felt like no one heard her or took her seriously. She didn’t know who to talk to and wasn’t sure how to speak up for herself. It was her primary care provider who finally helped her get the care she needed.


Kylie’s pregnancy progressed normally until 38 weeks when she began to experience swelling. Soon after, she developed life-threatening complications, culminating in a stay in the ICU, dialysis, and an eventual kidney transplant. Kylie’s husband was her “lifeline” fighting for her and making sure she got the best care possible.


Eleorra had severe chest pains during pregnancy and knew “Something didn’t feel right.” She kept searching for answers and finally found a high-risk doctor who provided her with the care she needed to make it through her pregnancy safely.


Lindsay is a mother of four who developed preeclampsia during her second pregnancy. In response to her symptoms she was told that she was experiencing typical pregnancy swelling. But when her headache and blurred vision got worse, she checked her blood pressure at a pharmacy and discovered it was dangerously high. Lindsay went straight to the hospital, a decision that may have saved her life.

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